Using story to inspire 
positive social transformation

Fiction Writer

A life without writing would be a life half-lived.


Over the years, I have clocked up 10,000 hours of writing and story development in different mediums and contexts: the classroom, writing workshops, theatre-making, film and television, journalism, and fiction writing. Nearly everything I've ever done has been in service to the innate sense I must write.


Write what? 


Write, why? 


The answers eluded me. Projects turned into Gordian knots, labyrinths I couldn't escape, tales I couldn't tell.


I had no method. I lacked a clear goal. Most significantly, I didn't know why I was writing. Also, writing belonged to other people, people who knew better. That was the story I told myself.


Finally, I saw through the illusion. I arrived at the answers to my questions. Most importantly, I found the courage to say, 'These stories and my views are valid.' When I found self-belief and connected with my purpose, everything else fell into place. The knot undid itself. Just. Like. That. 


Now I'm deep in the writing and story development process, slicing those Gordian knots and laying out the braids of short stories and novel outlines. I am teasing out the stories I really want and need to tell. You can learn more about my screenwriting and fiction projects here


This is my journey with writing and storytelling. This is me coming into my own.


Thank you for being here.