Meet Anna

Committed to using language and story to inspire 
a bright, bold, compassionate new narrative.

Oodles of ideas and integrity, passion and positivity

I'm happiest when collaborating with others so they find their voice and that sense of awesome liberation that comes when you step into your truth - whatever that is for you. 

Since I can remember, I've made up stories, performed, devised, and elicited stories from others, too, in rehearsal spaces, in classrooms, upon the page. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the profound, transformative power of making and telling stories.


With experience in story development, assistant directing, production coordinating, script supervising, and post-production, I understand what it takes to bring a project to the screen.


As part of your production team, I do my utmost to serve your vision and your values. I do this with compassion through playful collaboration and from a place of respect.

I am a saver of animals; a writer, a maker of things that haven't yet been. 

I am Anna. 

My Why

Using words as a bridge to realise a kinder, more just and sustainable now.

A story derives from an idea - a moment glanced. Then, it disseminates notions, entertains, persuades, deludes, or inspires.

At the root of culture are ideas and stories that affect the way that society conducts itself - be it in a state of collectivism, grace and service or in isolation, selfishness and tyranny

So if humankind is swayed by story, then we can use story to affect extraordinary, benevolent, regenerative transformation and describe a dream to which we all can aspire.

Let the dismantling and re-imagining begin. Let our arrangement of words birth a better guiding ideology.

These are the principles that inform my writing and the work of Future Story Now.

The story so far


I've accomplished a few things - worked in film and television - clambered its ladder - then emigrated to India where I learned to teach English as a foreign language. (I loved it!) Next to Myanmar for more teaching. (Loved it even more.)

Then Life threw me a curveball. 


On the backfoot, disempowered, I shed everything that was failing to serve me and discovered who I am at my core.

I came face-to-face with my need to write. I confronted a sequence of beliefs that... were they mine? I freed myself of their restrictions, re-wrote the script.

Making my come back, I am bringing my creative self from the margins to take centre page because a life lived in the shadows of fear is a life half-lived.


CertTESOL Trinity College, Dublin
MA Creative Writing (2:1) Kingston University London
BA Hons European Theatre Arts (2:1) Rose Bruford School of Speech and Drama

Professional Training

  • Introduction to Production Coordinating (Unscripted) - Production Managers Association
  • Production Coordinator for Film and HETV - National Film and Television School
  • Script Editing for Television - Yvonne Grace, Script Advice
  • Tackling harrassment and bullying at work - Screenskills
  • Tackling unconscious bias: basic awareness in the workplace - Screenskills
  • Introduction to mental health awareness at work - Screenskills
  • Script Reading & Coverage - Industrial Scripts
  • Script Analysis - Script Compass, NFTS
  • Editing Books by Non-Writers - Editorial Freelancers Association
  • Introduction to Editing Fiction - Publishing Training Centre
  • The Samaritans one-year volunteer training programme in active listening
  • Script Supervisor (Script Continuity) Training - Avril Rowlands
  • Intensive Screenwriting Weekend - London Film Consultancy
  • Introduction to Script Editing - BBC

Personal Accomplishments

  • Co-directing the school production at Myanmar International School Yangon. Guiding mixed ability students (SEN and non-SEN) to a performance that left me spellbound - even though my fingerprints were all over the production - re-invigorated my belief and commitment to the power of theatre to inspire and empower individuals through art, specifically theatre.
  • Choosing the Road Less Travelled, expanding my horizons, challenging my notions of self, pushing beyond limitations.
  • Cycling solo from Seattle, Washington down to Los Angeles, California brought me in touch with the awesomeness of life and the human spirit.
  • Volunteering for Samaritans and completing their one-year training programme.