A Life Lived In and Of Fiction

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The cuttlefish, when threatened, disappears into a cloud of ink. For many years, writing was my go-to place. In that space, I hid, made sense of the world, vented, and explored.

In 2022, I vowed to bring my creative, true self out of the cloud of ink.

This is me sharing my journey towards becoming a published author plus lessons in fiction and non-fiction writing. 

I invite you into the story worlds I travel.



This page is the heart of everything

Here is where I get to share with you my projects. I feel this page is more insightful than my About page.

I am beyond excited about bringing these into being. Often, when I ought to be adult-ing, you know, like finding gainful employment or a place to live, I reach for a notebook to jot down notes about character relationships, the complications that a subplot brings to the main storyline... And so it goes on though adulting beckons. 

With the need to work full-time to, well, live, I carve out a small margin of time into every day I can. I am mindful in the decisions I make of how to spend my time, how I make a living (in as sustainable, ethical, and authentic way as I can), and to what I say yes or no. Despite the sacrifices - the battles to get the characters, story worlds, and storylines, scenes and pay-offs out of my head and onto the page - I am committed. 

Because I have lived what happens when I do not nurture my self or give space to be creative, I am here now intent upon tending and teasing out the projects, making a commitment to advance the tales out of the shadows and onto the page.

A Slate of Projects

For page and screen and humanity.

Monochrome sketch of a piglet with angel wings

Rum Pangolin:
Notorious P.I.G.

When a young activist watches her mother brutally murdered while fighting to protect the Brazilian rainforest, she must choose what she is prepared to sacrifice in her pursuit of bringing down her father's meat-packing empire - an empire responsible for her mother's death. 

Picture by French artist Dran. A police office beats an artist. Behind them, a painting on an easel shows a police officer beating an artist.

Wake Up! 
(They Want  You to Kill Us)

When an Encouragement Officer, upholder of the regime's rule to abolish original ideas, chases a criminal Off Halo and returns in an altered state, she finds herself guilty of the crimes she was hired to annihilate. Will she follow the rule of law or return imagination and freedom of expression to her people?

An unfurling cloud of ink made of red, blue and black against a white background.

On Be(com)ing Who You Are

A series of short stories illuminate a writer's passage to awakening. Inspired by the books that saved her, (Un)Seen becomes part of the canon of self-development literature and a treatise on the subtle, pervasive nature of growing up as a queer artistic female within a patriarchal, normative society. 

Future Story Now

This is a different brand of fiction. It arises from the idea that the future is hard for humans to grasp and today's climate often too overwhelming to contemplate. 

Because of its distance and our detachment from our future selves, we fail to realise the dream we could be living today. 

Future Story Now sets out to create a conversation that brings an ideal collective dream of how we ALL wish to live into the here and now. 

Through vision, commitment, and action, can a common dream held by our global society manifest in an extraordinary, just, sustainable, compassionate life for the good of all - humans, creatures, Nature?

The green craggy hills of West Cork and a rough footpath winding towards the horizon.


Inspired by Friendrich Durrenmatt's play 'The Visit,' Seafarers is the tale of an island of outliers whose fate rests in the hands of a malevolent would-be benefactor. Little do the islanders know that this benefactor is the reason for their ruin and intent upon consigning them to an even darker, more cruel fate. 

The island of Guellen has fallen upon hard times. When news comes of a visit by its most celebrated citizen, billionairess Claire Zachanassian who promises fortune and resurrection, the islanders set out to win her financial backing to restore the island to its glory days. Only, they must choose: material fortune or their good friend, the island's mayor, Alfred Ill?

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Deep dive (in the shallower end) into my fiction and non-fiction

I'm sluggish at sharing my work, not least because it requires regular administration and right now my life is anything but regular... so I'm struggling to find the time to add to my Patreon pages, and if I'm struggling to update Patreon with hints and tips and behind-the-scenes peeks into the world of my writing, just imagine what my creative writing life is like... Nil point! 

However, the page is set up so that you can discover my scribbly notes and brain explosions that explore how on earth to bring together the stories I've got circling in the ether onto a sequence of pages. 

You can find Patreon here. Alternatively, check out my blog page, where you'll also find links to my articles.